29% raise for the boss, 0% for the workers

Friday, April 20, 2007

WWLP Channel 22: Umass Grad Students Bring Protest to University Chancellor's Home

Umass Grad Students Bring Protest to University Chancellor's Home

They had signs, megaphones and a beef with the administration.

Umass grad students marched right to the doors of the on-campus home of the university's chancellor John Lombardi.

The grad student union has been negotiating with the university for pay raises and other enhanced benefits for 14 weeks with no agreement.

But they say while they're waiting for cost-of-living wage increases, the chancellor's salary has shot up to more than 347-thousand dollars annually.

According to grad student Stephen Mahood, “If they're getting their raises then they should be giving us an economic bargaining package right now. “

Grad student Eric Winslow says, “It shows a casual disregard for us who make this university run and it shows a different set of beliefs.”

On arrival at the chancellor's home, there was chanting and cheering...but the chancellor apparently wasn't there to hear it. So students continued on to protest at the office of the chancellor on campus.

A spokesperson for the university says the university doesn't negotiate contracts in public and won't discuss details. And they had no comment on the size of the chancellor's salary.

Written by 22News Reporter
Dan Elias

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